Tag Zone

Paintless paintball in Ottawa - indoor game - Tag Zone

What is Tag Zone?

  • Indoor fun game at Ottawa with paintless paintball to tag the opponent team and accomplish different missions from easy to more challenging.
  • Divided in 2 teams after a safety briefing, all players gear up to start.
  • With a given time per mission, eliminated players are soon back in the game. While waiting follow the action through windows and cheer for your team until the next round.
  • Referees are supervising for safety and good progress.
  • More than 12 000 players, students and adults, every year.
  • Birthday parties, bachelor event, team building, school activities, Christmas parties and other fun group get together.
  • Adrenalin guaranteed for 10 years old and over.
  • Offering safe and fun game since 1998.
Indoor Field - Tag Zone

How it works?

The Indoor Field

  • Tag Zone is a huge maze that accommodates 20 players or more.
  • Music and special effects are part of the deal.
  • Find out secret passages, tunnels, traps and more.
  • Glow in the dark field.
  • Air conditioned during summer.
The equipment of Paintless Paintball Tag Zone - Ottawa

The Equipment

  • All included with the entry fee and no extra charges
  • Protective mask covering face, ears and neck.
  • Modified paintball marker for safe indoor play.
  • Protective pouch to carry your ammunitions.
  • Unlimited paintless paintball at no extra charges.
Paintless Paintball Ottawa - Tag Zone - reservation-only

How to play at Tag Zone?

  • Call in advance to reserve.
  • Sessions available during morning, afternoon, evening and late night.
  • Alone or with friends, we are open to public.
  • Take advantage of our group rates and monthly specials.
Paintless Paintball - Tag-Zone - faq


Why paintless paintball?

indoor pursuit game with rubber foam ball and reusable at no extra charge. Our paintball markers have been modified for Tag Zone in order to make this game safe and fun to play.

Do we have to reserve?

We open on reservation only. It’s better to call ahead for more availability.

What if we were only 2 players?

We’ll match you with the nearest group available. We start a session with 6 players.

Is it only us playing?

Our sessions are open to public. We do offer private session with a required number of players.

What is the age restriction?

We suggest 10 years old and over. We could accept younger.

What is the feeling of getting hit with a paintless paintball?

It could be compare to an elastic band shot. We bring you to a certain level of adrenalin so you get mostly surprised when tagged. That’s what makes the game popular.

Who’s supervising all the missions and safety?

Two referees, one per team, will follow the action and make sure that all safety rules are applied.

How does the game works?

We ask all players to arrive 25 minutes ahead for registration and safety briefing. The group will be divided in 2 teams of equal strength. The missions of Paintless Paintball will progress from easy to more challenging. Our referees will take care of the group from the beginning to the end of the session. A DJ gives the go and the end of each mission. The DJ also reminds you to wear your goggle at all time. Music and special effect are part of the adventure.

How long is a mission?

Each mission of Paintless Paintball lasts about 5 minutes. Eliminated players are soon back in the game. Special game could last longer.

What happens when I get touched by a paintless paintball?

The eliminated player must leave the field until the next mission. Faulty player could be asked to leave the session without reimbursement. We offer safe and fun game only.