Discover our Paintless Paintball missions

Missions of paintball Elimination at Tag Zone - Ottawa

That game consists to eliminate the opposite team. Each team begins from its home bunker. Players must find and tag the opposite team before being eliminated themselves.

Missions of paintball Risk at Tag Zone - Ottawa

Both team must finds the dynamite stick hidden in the maze. Without getting tag out the teams need to bring that dynamite stick in the opposite team’s bunker.

Missions of paintball Doom at Tag Zone - Ottawa

Each team gets their chance to put the Doom stick into the opponent team bunker. While the defendant team protect their bunker, the opponent team gets a limited time to succeed their mission.

Missions of paintball Commando at Tag Zone - Ottawa

A third team made of 3 brave commandos is chosen. Commandos are hiding in the maze and waiting for their first target player. Not getting tag is the only way to win that elimination game.

Missions of paintball Face to Face at Tag Zone - Ottawa

A VIP in each team will be chosen by the opposite team. To win that mission, one team has to finish with their VIP alive. The elimination of one VIP will result of the end of the game.

Missions of paintball Capture the flag at Tag Zone - Ottawa

A flag is placed in each team bunker. Two teams attempt to bring the opposing team's flag back to their own bunker without losing their own flag.

Missions of paintball Mist at Tag Zone - Ottawa

The maze will be filled with fog for an elimination game between 2 teams.

Mission mission impossible at Tag Zone - Ottawa

This really challenging game has a time limit of one song, Mission Impossible song. One team has to get a suitcase which is protected by the opposite team.

Missions of paintball President at Tag Zone - Ottawa

Three bodyguards will face the entire group to protect their President. That game ends when the President is eliminated. Only for that game, the bodyguards are invincible.

Missions of paintball Traitor at Tag Zone - Ottawa

One player among the team will be designed as the «traitor». His goal is to eliminate the members of his own team by touching/shooting them. The traitor is disqualified if a bullet touches him.

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